Intuition & Happenstance

Intuition & Happenstance

I have had a recurring dream going on as long as I can remember. Almost every night.It takes many forms but its always the same thing and involves from Flintstones transportation to high tech never seen before Jetson’s planes.


Images from our journey to America, we met some really amazing people over there.

It always involves traveling, trying to pack up and make a plane, train and automobile and it's always one hell of a trip! I’ve got stuff everywhere and I'm trying to pack up shove it in boxes and suitcases, pack up a house, look after other people’s stuff and there’s like 20 mins to get to the airport which is an hour away. There’s some strong message trying to be delivered here and I’m just not getting it.

In my experience life nudges you to where you ought to be – windows of information descend quickly then close.

Our jump into America was a big deal for us and happened purely by chance. Things just happen – do they? A friend was exhibiting his furniture at a Las Vegas Trade Fair and wanted textiles to finish the stand. I saw it as an opportunity to allow my son Sharm his first experience in the business. Having an American passport already – yes his Dad and my first husband is a New Yorker – we had lived in The States when he was a baby and I worked as a journalist there for an alternative publication.

This would be a chance for him to experience his father’s homeland . He was totally green and innocent and in a good way as it turned out, and had no idea who anyone was in this LALA famous designer people land. And amazing things of happenstance started to happen to him - being in the right place at the right time -meeting the Neiman buyer and not knowing it was her even, famous designers as well as being asked to do the VIP room at EMI after the Emmys.


Images were taken at Melissa's company, interiors By Lume, located in New Zealand.


My immediate intuition with USA was that it was a great opportunity to connect with clients that were in tune with us, we would design and supply them from our production in India. Generally speaking – your first intuition is going to be your best one. Don’t bother second guessing yourself. The next 6 years was intense and rewarding at the same time. Burning the candle at both ends time zone wise, criss crossing the USA doing 7 day fairs. Other Oz companies often ask me about entering into the USA and I tell them, make sure you’ve got a good budget! Image from our brand new 2018 Winter Collection.



For us to thrive I had to work longer and harder here in Oz and got back on the road with a suitcase of samples. Oh my god, am I so grateful for my wonderful, supportive Aussie clients that stepped up supported me through thick and thin – I’ve told some of you and others will never know what you did for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
The USA pushed and pulled us and extended us larger as a design company than we ever expected. It made us refocus and look at what we are good at - original design and gave us a global direction - we are now looking after several other countries like NZ, Norway and UAE plus our top USA clients here from Oz, that love and get us! We are so happy to profile them here in our magazine with tips on beautiful places to see and stay in their countries.



So what have I learnt from my reoccurring dream? Make your dream bigger than your fear. Your job here is to ‘find your flow’ so move in the direction that feels right. What makes you come alive is your truth. Surround yourself with other dreamers, and don’t be afraid to ask for help or directions.



If you are concerned about being relevant, concentrate on creating design to support people in their lives and with what you love. We desire to return to the artisanal way – driven by craft, creation and inspiration and through intuition and happenstance others will join you on your quest.


By Tai Schaffler - founder of Bandhini


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