Keep Calm & Go Green!

Keep Calm & Go Green!

I need to fess up. My name is Tai, and I’m Magazine-aholic. I get magazines from all over the world. I mean everywhere. Oh yes, it’s bad.

It’s not just because I love the gorgeous pictures and enjoy flicking through the pages. I genuinely love observing the lives of others – their personal quirks, their cultural and geographic influences. It’s a bit like "people watching” in Europe, you could do it all day, given the right café and Palazzo.





It also helps that in a past incarnation I worked in newspapers and magazines both in journalism and advertising. I studied philosophy and religion and thought I would be an International Foreign Correspondent but somehow I ended up on fashion magazines. Go figure. The Universe always seems to have another agenda for you. That’s ok – you make do, as my second passion is textiles and interiors.

When I started Bandhini as a single mum, in my home garage in 1993 my story was always to go green. It was not terribly fashionable then – something reserved for Hippies and Activists. Yeah Ok, I may have been a bit of both. But my idea of green, was caring about not only how products were made and with what, but caring about the people making it. I cared that they were looked after and paid well. I couldn’t bear the thought of displacing them and making them work in substandard places. I wanted craft done right from their Villages and their homes and communities.




 It took a while but I finally found a great Family in India that was on the same page, it resulted in making that first big investment with my little nest egg and giving my crazy ideas a shot. I had no idea how long it would last, I just thought “I'll give it a couple of years” I could always go back to the media! We are now on the second generation with my son and the family's children that we started out with, yeah they are now running the show!
Let me share with you now the colour “Green” and all its worldly magazine appearances. Now fashionable and taking off.
Each week I plan to share with you the content of my crazy obsession of the quirky interior world – are you ready?


*inspiration images from Tai's library of various interior design magazines from all over the world.

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