The Kindness Economy

The Kindness Economy
  How many of us really care about where we shop? Is it all about what is convenient and cheap. Mary says it’s divided into 2 different types - Give a fuck or Don’t give a Fuck.
I’m interested in the people who are making changes to the way we look at business. The Kindness Economy is where small and large businesses are looking at all this and turning it on its head.
This global crisis has touched everyone in every country on the planet yet it has forced us to shop and use services locally as the transportation internationally came to a screaming to a halt. We actually started helping each other out.
What does the “Kindness" promote? Well it turns people into number one, the planet a close next and profit last.




The woman spearheading this is Mary Portas who has over 40 years experience in the UK, dealing big and small companies as both a buyer and marketing innovator. You may have seen here in a show called “Mary Queen on Shops” - she has revolutionised the High St shops. She’s a very straight talking Pom who is on a mission to change the way we consume and why the hell you do what you do. Check out her TED talk below. 

On her podcast “The Kindness Economy”, she interviews innovators And changers both in energy, retail and a number of sectors.

The people behind Patagonia (going 50 years) who’s mission is “We are in the Business to save our Home Planet” uses their significant platform in business to make changes for the the environment. They share their recycling technology with the rest of the world so they can make a global difference. They are big donators to climate change and fair trade. Link -  to their natural based solutions on website. 
People like Patrick Grant who Mary writes “knows that fashion has the potential to be about far more than the clothes we wear: from supporting disadvantaged communities to the ultimate anti-dote to throwaway consumerism. And he’s working at many levels of the industry to put these ideas into practice: from the Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons to the social enterprise Community Clothing - which works with factories in some of the UK’s most deprived areas.
He’s also helped inspire thousands to reconnect with the increasingly lost art of making and repairing clothes – through his work as a judge on the BBC’s The Great British Sewing Bee and as the driving force behind The Big Community Sew which saw thousands volunteer to make Covid masks.” 
The story behind the Homewares brand and British themed brand “The House of Hackney” (founded in their Hackney home) who’s founding belief is Creativity, compassion and Consciousness. I can relate totally with their ground roots start - no money but on a mission to have a product that comes from a good source and is good and decent for our planet. Frieda Gormley worked for the fast fashion brand Topshop to follow her own environmental integrity path with her husband Javvy. They are still working with the family based fabric suppliers in the UK. See them here.
Mary speaks to people in food, energy, fashion, beauty, sport and industry to find a new way forward- a better clearer thinking path. She has great faith that Generation Z will be a greater force for good. Let’s hope. Check her out.

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