Connection & Collaboration

Connection & Collaboration

To be successful in any field one has to genuinely wish success for others. The shared joy of seeing others prosper and be able to contribute in any small way is a personal high.

The unity for me is working with creative friends in the industry- all artisans in their own right and fields to a shared vision.

The longer I'm around in this interiors field (coming up 25 years) I realise that people on a certain wave length capture thoughts and visions at the same time, like sharing a meditation field. Very similar to how most things are invented throughout history - wether it be flight, electricity or the travel to space - more than one party has the same vision and they are all working on it at the same time.


The question is 'how do we stay generous and happy for others success?'. It’s very hard not to slip into that awful green place of competition and fear. But like the decision you make in your life like to be happy, or not, you have to decide to be a gracious well wisher. You need to understand that everyone has their dreams and need for creative expression- it's quite a joy to invent or create - I'd go as far to say that it's a type of dopamine drug. Most of us in the interiors industry know the feeling well - pretty good aye - be honest! So when you understand that, you want everyone to feel it and it's so lovely to see others experiencing it. You really don't know what you can truly do until you throw yourself into it - take a deep breath and jump. You also don't know where it can take you.



So, here's me foolishly thinking I was a (fabric) cushion designer for 24 odd years - throwing all sorts of nutty ideas on cushions as art for the sofa. It sometimes takes the next generation to come along and say "hold on mum, we design and make all these designs ourself - we are a Design House - we could use these designs on any mediums, some of this is art, we should frame it." And you know what, I guess it is. Yeah, why didn't I think of that? It has opened us up to using our original designs on many mediums and working with many others in the industry.

In my time I have also been lucky enough to help others head to their dreams and start their own Interior companies. I see them thriving now and doing so many great things like The Designer Boys Collection and Uniqwa Furniture - proper leaders in their field. I am very happy for their success, and grateful for their help returned.


Charl & Andrea from Uniqwa

Charl & Andrea from Uniqwa Furniture (left), Barbara from Hermon Hermon (right) 

It's important to help where you can and in anyway - I too had tremendous mentors and people in the Industry that helped me in the early days and through - Barbara and John from Hermon & Hermon - again creatives ahead of their time, took this young single mum on with her suitcase of original samples and spanned a 20 year retail relationship made in design heaven. Then there was Serge from La Grolla who I shared a showroom in Sydney in the early days and continues to care. My old mate Kerryn from Equator who included me always in her vision and space. Very grateful for their love and help.

As we journeyed onto the USA in the past 5 years we have made more creative friendships either through our shared showroom space and agents in the States. We have loved their work and their Ethos, so starts a new "Bandhini Collaborative". Sharm (my son) has bought his own friends on board and a fresh new generation, who's energy I am very grateful for.

Zoe Bios Creative, a groovy LA art group headed up by Minh Nguyen former Managing Director of natural Curiosities and Caitlin Dinkins former creative director for Stila Cosmetics - CHECK THEM OUT

The new Zoe Bios artworks are the newest additional to the Bandhini collection.

ZBC was founded in 2011 by Minh Nguyen Managing Director of Natural Curiosities, and Cailtlin Dinkins, former Illustrator and Creative Director for Stila Cosmetics.

From their art house in Los Angeles ZBC creates repeatable originals in editions of 100, with hand overlay that includes, aging, leafing, gesso and India ink. They also work with 27 artists globally to curate full-bodied collections for their clients... 


Colleen from Fig & Dove (left), Minh from Zoe Bios (right) 

The other cool collab came when we're exhibiting at Atlanta across the way from the best looking Xmas stockings you wish to lay your eyes on and the cutest bunch of girls from Baton Rouge Louisanna headed up by the clever Colleen. Over the course of the fair we struck up a deal to create and manufacture these stylish stockings from the smart Fig and Dove.

We are incredibly happy and grateful to bring these both to you, plus the extended idea to Bandhini Design House and debut at D&D Fair Melbourne July 20-23 with a renew, new generation spirit of connection and collaboration!

Come have a drink with us there!


Blog by Tai Schaffler - Founder of Bandhini


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