Herb Tables

Herb Tables
Herbs just make everything taste that bit better don’t they! They just finish a dish off  - whether it be hot or cold. Start using them in your daily glass of water or cocktails- slides down a treat! They also make the house smell great when you bring them inside. If you are a keen cook and love your own herbs - stop buying them in bunches that eventually rot in the fridge. Admit it, it happens right!
Start with good-quality potting soil, which ensures good drainage. Do not use ordinary garden soil, which does not drain well when used in a container. As with other plants in containers, herbs require regular watering and fertilisation throughout the growing season. Mediterranean native (such as rosemary) can tolerate fairly dry soil between waterings. These herbs prefer gritty, sharply drained soil. Good drainage is crucial because the roots of Mediterranean natives are likely to rot. Other herbs with broader leaves need more attention to watering. Place on a table where they have at least 4-6 hours sunlight per day. Ours is west facing so it gets afternoon sun as it sets. I’ve tried east facing with morning sun with equal results.
Plant in pots with good drainage - I’ve tried many, all white, all black but weirdly found the plain old terracotta has better results. For a better look - and more of a feature make sure the pots are similar in style or colour. We don’t want a visual hodgepodge! Find an old table that will weather well - or you can even get builders saw horses (tressels) and a piece of weather proof ply. A bit of an over hang from an awning, an eave or pergola is actually a great bit of shade. You still want to place it somewhere easy to get to that also looks nice!
During the outdoor growing season, use liquid fertiliser at the rate recommended on the package - I use Yates thrive or Seasol. If you bring plants inside for the winter, they require much less fertilisation; once or twice a month is sufficient.
For pesky critters, (our constant problem guys are grass hoppers and mantises)  try water spay with washing detergent. You can also add either garlic or chill... those guys definitely don’t like that! Keep it on hand on the table ready for front line defence.

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