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Bone Lily Pad Navy Lounge Cushion 55 x 55cm

Sale price$129.00

The Bone Lily Pad Lounge Cushion is part of our Bone Series. This screen printed cushion was inspired by the anatomy of Lily Pads and the patterns created within.

Slightly bolder in design that its sibling Bone Leaf,  it is ideal in Urban Luxe rooms along side our Gold BraidsEarth File and Parasol

Feather Option : Filled
In stock

Handmade products that last

Our craft is hand-loomed and hand made and not created by big industrial machinery. We design things that last and can be handed down from one generation to the next. The waste from fast-fashion-interiors is something we avoid.

We recycle and reuse our packaging, our art is boxed in cartons that our cushions arrive in. We strive for a paperless office and any off-cut fabrics are recycled and re-used for things like gift cards and bags.

We wish for our product that after it gives many generations joy and comfort that it gently returns to the earth with our love and gratitude.

We support traditional artisans

We have a strong focus on ethical labour. We work with our crafts people to stay in their local villages, ensuring they are not displaced for work.

We believe that without the support, many ancient crafts will become extinct in the near future as generations move from craft based production into petro-chemical production.

Thats why we are making it our mission to keep craftsmanship alive.

We use upcycled and natural materials

We incorporate sustainably sourced and upcycled elements in our designs, appreciating the beauty nature provides and ensuring we have a low impact on the environment. So, as you would find in nature, each piece is unique and no two are the same.

30 years experience!

We are a small Family business and have been designing textiles since 1993.

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