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Understanding the Bandhini Collection

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini, shares with you the considerations when designing for our Bandhini Collection. The inspiration for our collection centres around 2 themes, nature and culture.

Our designs are all handmade unique pieces that tell a story. When designing our collection we had you in mind and use 4 key elements to ensure our pieces work together.

These are; Fabric, Colour, Technique, and Shape.Watch to learn about the process and all the small details we consider that allow all our designs to look good together! ✨

 Bandhini Spring-Fed Collection

We have been hard at work dreaming up new designs for the new season but for our Spring collection this year- we're going to do things a little bit differently.

In this video, Tai talks about the inspiration behind the collection but also how we plan to debut the new styles.

Not so much a spring collection as it a 'spring-fed' collection! 🌱



Collection Videos

Bandhini Leather & Tweeds

In this video learn about our beautiful buffalo leather and hand woven tweed designs. Tai, the founder of Bandhini, explains the history and process of our woven tweeds and how we source our sustainable leather. Both our leather and tweed cushions work beautifully with knits, velvets, and our crazy yet wonderful stick designs. These are all perfect to create a cozy winter look.

Bandhini Weaves

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini, explores the technique of hand woven fabric. This technique is handed down from generation to generation and is where we started 28 years ago. Since then we have done over 100 styles of handwoven cushions. All are handmade with natural fibres and dyes. Our handwoven cushions work back beautifully with our linens, leathers and knits.

Understanding The Bandhini Collection

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini, shares with you the considerations when designing for our Bandhini Collection. The inspiration for our collection centres around 2 themes, nature and culture. Our designs are all handmade unique pieces that tell a story. When designing our collection we had you in mind and use 4 key elements to ensure our pieces work together. These are; Fabric, Colour, Technique, and Shape. Watch to learn about the process and all the small details we consider that allow all our designs to look good together! ✨

Bandhini Long Lumbers

In this video, Tai the founder of Bandhini, discusses the versatile nature of our beautiful long lumbers cushions. Now trending internationally with companies like Studio Mcgee using them in their schemes, long lumbers are the perfect cushion for modulars—providing a lovely low lying line. Long lumbers also offer support while still being stylish! They pair perfectly with euros on either your bed or your lounge! We have a range of design options to suit your style be that Coastal, Global, Urban, or Country. They truly offer a great bang for your buck!

Bandhini Basics Part 1

In this video, we’re talking about some of our classics! Our Bandhini basics are like a white linen shirt or black evening dress, you can always rely on them. We have so many incredible Bandhini basics that we’re splitting this series into 2 videos! First up we’re highlighting our Cross Patch, Horn Button, and Cotton Reverse cushions. All 3 of these designs work as great backup guys to our more intricate designs as well as being a feature themselves if you’re going for a more simplest look!

Bandhini Basics Part 2

Our Piped Linen and Velvet cushions are some of our best sellers! Both so simple yet so versatile! Linen is a natural fabric that is completely biodegradable and is hypoallergenic! Our Piped Linens come in multiple colour ways using white, natural, black and navy. These are the preferred bases used for all our embellished cushions! It was from the Piped Linens that our horn buttons were born. Our velvets are made of 100% cotton. Smart and comfortable they add dimension to a cushion scheme. Coming in an arrange of colours they are the perfect backup guy! Our velvet panel design is an original inspired by an old cabinet.

Bandhini Textile Art Spring 2020

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini Design House Aus, talks about our newest art pieces as well as our classics. From sticks and shells to delicate embroideries, we create tactile and textural artworks to compliment our cushion ranges. If you love textural artworks, want something unique for your wall or your client's wall, or love an eclectic, coastal, or global style then you will absolutely adore these artworks. They are framed in-house at our Bandhini Gold Coast headquarters.

Bandhini Beads & Braids

 In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini Australia talks about our beautiful and ornate beaded cushion range as well as the Bandhini Braid series. We make several unique and intricately hand-beaded decorative cushions (or throw pillows) that are perfect for 'glamming up' a bed or a sofa. The Bandhini braid series is a base bed setting comprised of cushions, quilts, and bed sashes with braid embellishments. Braids as we call them are very much like a woven ribbon or decorative trim. These basic "back-up dudes" are a perfect bed base to layer more intricate styled cushions on top of. The braids are very simple so as to sit behind and frame any style of cushion- from country to coastal to urban or global.

Bandhini Textile Art Spring 2020

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini Australia, talks about our newest embellished cushions. So very unique, each of these designer cushions is embellished with handmade pieces. Many of our designs are inspired by nature so be surprised when you see sticks or stones sewn to Bandhini cushions! Embellished cushions truly make a statement in any room and sit beautifully as a centrepiece on a sofa or bed.

Bandhini Ticking Stripe Series

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini Australia, talks about one of our newest cushion series - the Ticking Stripe series. A classic style by any standard, our ticking range has a bit of twist! All the cushions in this series are euro sized, 65 centimeters square, they are large, comfortable, and gorgeous on a sofa or bed. They are perfect for a beach home look, a classic Hampton's style home, or a modern farmhouse feel - fresh and light! This series is made in Australia in our Gold Coast head office.

Bandhini Ikat Series

Oh the wonderful world of Ikat! It is an ancient hand-weaving technique used all over the world that has inspired a plethora of your favourite Bandhini designs. Watch as Tai, the founder of Bandhini Australia, chats all about their origins, how they have inspired many of your favourite Bandhini cushions and our new, on of a kind, hand-woven Ikat cushions!

Bandhini Rake Applique Series

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini talks about this new design and how the foliage pattern and colours are inspired by the lush greens of the Tallebudgera Valley where our beautiful home office is located and the autumn rust colours from her childhood home in Central Otago, New Zealand. The rusts of autumn to compliment the greens of spring 🍂 🍃 the lush 2 tones of velvet and 3 colour embroidery detail is just delightful in these cushions!

Bandhini Inter Series

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini, talks about the Bandhini 'Inter' cushion series. Inspired by the intricate and beautiful lattice window screens of Rajasthan this series has many designs in many different techniques to suit nearly any interior style. Tai also talks about the meaning of Bandhini and how it embodies our ethos of connecting cultures, in both our designs and the people that create them.

Bandhini Para Series

Parallel lines & geometric patterns are what this series is all about! In this video, Tai talks about the Bandhini 'Para' series and how parallel lines found in nature inspired many of the cushion styles in this series. . This series is very contemporary but also really lends itself to Hamptons & nautical themes. Many of the styles in this series will fit nicely into nearly any coastal interior 🌊 🌴

Bandhini Arrow Series

In this video, Tai talks about the Arrow cushion series- a series of bold, graphic patterns inspired by one of the first tools used by people and found in nearly every ancient culture, the arrow. These patterns are bold and contemporary but also very tribal, perfect for a contemporary global style space.

Bandhini Inter Series

In this video, Tai chats about the Jagger series, a cushion series whose bold, geometric style was originally based on the lines and patterns seen in faceted gems! It is an extremely versatile cushion style perfect for a range of interior styles from coastal to contemporary to modern or classic!

Bandhini Bones Series

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini, chats about the Bones Series - a series of cushion designs inspired by 'the maps that life leaves behind' - skeletons. In particular, leaf and shell 'skeletons'. These cushions are all screen-printed with intricate designs of leaf veins and shell cross-sections for very interesting and graphic cushions. Check out our other 'Behind the Designs' to learn about the inspirations and ideas behind our wide range of designer cushions and artwork. Also check out our website to see all of our products- perfect for interior designers, retailers, or just to get yourself a few beautiful cushions to freshen up your space!

Bandhini Earth Maps Series

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini, chats to us about the Earth Maps cushion series. This series showcases screenprints inspired by topographical images of the Earth. From rivers and tributaries to mountain watersheds and farmlands these abstract designs are representative of the topographical maps made by nature and by humans.

Bandhini Feathers Series
In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini Design talks about the feather cushion features in our newest collection. We have done large feather juju artworks for some time sourced from a local artist and friend, Suzi of Lakota Feather Designs. Since the artworks are so popular we thought, why not try them on feature cushions?? So we've had the feather jujus made smaller in order to fasten to cushion covers to create these marvelous feathery works of art for your sofa or bed! These cushions look really great as a centerpiece for a bed or sofa, especially in boho or tribal style interiors! Also great for Coastal boho styles and girls' bedrooms.

Bandhini Butterly Series

In this video Tai chats about the moth that landed on her desk and ultimately inspired this gorgeous cushion series, the Bandhini Butterfly series. These intricate and elegant creatures have inspired us with their organic detailed patterns. Translated from wing to fabric, these cushions are made with a raised embroidery technique giving them a gorgeous subtle texture. Which do you prefer, the Butterfly or the Brahmin Moth??

Metal Discs & Amulets Series

In this video Tai, the founder of Bandhini Design, talks about the Discs and Amulets in our Metals series. Our Disc styles have been a Bandhini staple for more than 20 years, they were inspired by a unique handbag and the template was designed by a gypsy metal forger. Our amulet series is inspired by the amulets and jewellery of many different ancient cultures from India to Egypt to Spain. The Bandhini metal series is full of unique feature cushion designs that will elevate any interior style.

Bandhini Shells Series

Beautiful and unique cushions inspired by nature and the sea, our Shells Series is made of lots of styles featuring several different types of shells. Follow Tai, the founder of Bandhini Design House, as she talks about the inspiration behind this series. These designer shell cushions are great for any coastal look- from relaxed beach house style, to coastal boho look, to classic Hampton's designs, these stunning and unique feature cushions will make a statement in your home or your interior styling projects!

Bandhini Raffia Series

One of our absolute favourite mediums- raffia. In this video Tai talks about her long-standing love of baskets and raffia and how this obsession has spilled through to many of Bandhini's most beloved and best selling cushion styles. From the African Shield through all of its generations to our Woven Fan embellished cushions, raffia can be used in so many cushion styles and interior styles. We see our clients use these cushions in coastal and boho looks, islander and tribal looks, oriental and global looks- the list goes on!

Bandhini Wood & Stick Series

In this video Tai talks about her love of fossicking and inspiration from discarded bits from nature. This series, the wood and sticks series, is very bold in it's designs. It came about from the thought, "why can't I put sticks on a cushion?" and the reality that great design comes from thinking outside of the box and doing things differently. Our sticks and twigs designs are beautiful but obviously can be fragile as well and that is why we offer the same designs as art pieces.

Bandhini Roman Series

In this video Tai talks about the inspiration behind our Roman cushion design series. Taking ideas from the ancient architecture and mosaics of the Romans, we have created some truly lush and stunning feature cushions- our Roman Applique styles. Additionally, we have our new Hexagon Scroll cushion that takes shapes and motifs from Greek and Roman columns for an elegant and timeless design.

Bandhini Moroccan Series

In this video Tai talks about how the rich and diverse culture and history of the Moroccan region has inspired these cushion designs. Based in our absolute favourite home decor colour palette- rust, okra, and orange, these feature cushions and pillows are bright and bold. Particularly beautiful in eclectic and rustic home styles.

African Generations Series

In this video Tai talks about how many of our collections are built upon the previous creating 'generations' of each design. Tai uses our African series to demonstrate how one style evolves into the next. We don't believe in fast fashion and throwing away the old to make way for the trendy new. We believe in timelessness and longevity, that is why we build collections year after year that sit beautifully with their predecessors so that you can add the beautiful new styles to your home and keep your beloved older cushions right by their side.

Bandhini Ancient Cultures Series

In this video Tai talks about the longstanding Ancient Cultures series. A history buff herself, Tai's fascination with ancient culture and philosophy has lead to some of our most beloved Bandhini classics including the Kilim, Mayan Sphere, Valencia and Roman cushion styles. All these styles are made with lush velvets in the luxurious applique technique for some truly unique and beautiful, culturally inspired cushion designs.

Bandhini Zen & Rake Series

We have several design series inspired by Japanese and Oriental cultures and designs. From lanterns to zen gardens and the simplicity of Japanese design, see which cushion ranges have become of Tai's fascination with the Orient!

Dreamtime Series

Follow the founder of Bandhini, Tai Schaffler, as she chats about the inspiration behind our Dreamtime cushion and artwork series! This collection is a series of Aboriginal Dreamtime inspired designs for textile artworks and feature cushion designs. These designs are beautiful for interior design work for any client that is inspired but the original culture and heritage of indigenous Australia.

2020 Artisan Collection

Tai, the founder of Bandhini, talks about the themes and inspirations behind our newest collection of cushion, bedding and art styles. In this collection, we've focused heavily on the artisan and the craftsperson. At Bandhini we strive to honour the makers and their skills. All of our products are made by hand and are delightful in all their small imperfections. Another theme you will see throughout the collection is the influence of nature and natural fibers- feathers, shells, sticks and stones make this collection and Bandhini styles in general, very unique and beautiful. You will notice how we have built upon previous styles to create fresh and fun styles we know you will love that also fit perfectly in with your older Bandhini cushions.


Styling with Tai

Styling with Tai | Piggabeen Property

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini, takes us through her process styling the Piggabeen Property for a new listing in the valley!

It is a beautiful open house with incredible views that needed some minor styling tweaks. Tai created a rustic industrial look, bringing the house up to date and giving it loads of personality! If you’re after help styling your home contact us to organise your very own Design Consultation.

Styling with Tai | White & Bright

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini, gives us an overview of styling with white for a fresh summer sofa look. Using white with a bit of texture will help keep your styling from looking flat by giving it some depth of field.

White is also the perfect base cushion for embellishments when you want to bring in some really interesting embellished cushions like our shell ring and grass embellished or tassel cushions!

Styling with Tai | Going Green

In this video, Tai the founder of Bandhini, gives us some tips for styling with the colour green and chats a bit about the importance of sustainability not just in business and design but in all aspects of life.

Follow Tai as she gives you some styling tips and tricks to style a bedroom using greens in 4 different styles—Coastal, Urban Boho, Global, and Country.

Styling with Tai | Layering Your Lounge

In this video, Tai, the founder of Bandhini, gives us 3 tips to create a lovely layered look for your lounge. Bring new life to your sofa and loungeroom by mixing fabrics, shades, and sizes for a more interesting look!


Styling with Tai | Property Styling - Olivia Newton John Home

Follow Tai, the founder of Bandhini Design House, as she teaches us the importance of property styling when selling a home. In this episode Tai takes us through the Byron Bay home of Olivia Newton john while explaining benefits of styling in real estate.

Styling with Tai | Boat Styling

In this video, Tai walks us through the gorgeous Alexander 88 Skylounge yacht from Alexander Marine Australia. Bandhini Boats brings together some quick and easy interior design tips for styling in confined spaces - including texture, fabric type, and colour choices we used in our design for these yacht cabins and living spaces.


Talking with Tai

Talking with Tai | Suzi Tonge
In this video, Tai is chatting with Suzi Tonge our incredible Juju artist! They discuss how and why Suzi got into creating jujus and how that has lead to her running juju workshops at her gorgeous property in Mudgeeraba.

Talking with Tai | Pam Harries

In this video Tai chats with her lovely neighbour and friend, Pam Harries—a registered nurse and medical herbalist! The two discuss Tai’s health journey last year while styling Pam’s gorgeous home for her sons wedding.

Talking with Tai | Banita Leong 

In this video, Tai chats with long-time friend and Bandhini's lovely tassel maker, Banita Leong! Friends for many many years, Banita began making her unique tassel earrings into larger tassels for Bandhini cushions—they have been a hit with our lovely audience ever since! Watch as Tai and Banita chat about our fun and incredibly unique embellished designer cushions—from grass and sticks, to feathers and leather, to stones and shells.

Talking with Tai | Shaynna Blaze

In this video, longtime friends Tai Schaffler, founder of Bandhini design House and Shaynna Blaze of Selling Houses Australia and The Block talk life, business and design. From how Tai broke into the US market to some design tips & tricks, this chat is full of fun takeaways!



Tai's Don't Be Doing it

Don’t Be Doing It! Peaky Edges
I always get questions about styling - What to do and what not to do. So here I am to help! In this fun weekly segment, Don’t be doing it, I will answer YOUR styling questions! Feel free to DM us on social media and I will include your question in the series.

Don’t Be Doing it! Feature Chairs

The next topic I was asked about- Feature cushions on feature chairs. What’s the best cushion for a feature chair? NONE! Let the chair speak for itself - Don’t be doing it! Comment down below your styling questions!

Don’t be doing it! Leather on Leather

Don’t be doing it! Leather on Leather is a NEVER. Leather needs texture. Also make sure to put a feather insert in cushions on leather so it gives weight and they don’t slip!


You can find more crazy & inspirational videos on our YouTube page!