African Grass Mat Artwork 67 x 85 cm

SKU: 4090GPN

This stunning piece consists of a natural black grass ring behind an incredible handwoven black placemat. The simplicity of black on black creates a bold and striking finish, especially perfect for a global space. 

Our Textile pieces are all handmade and made to order. With that comes a few elements to consider: 
  • Please expect a slight uniqueness to each piece due to natural materials being used to create the art. Not every piece will look exactly the same so take pride in your one of a kind!
  • We ask that you allow up to 3 weeks to dispatch so please order with plenty of time.
  • We are able to complete custom pieces so please contact us if you are interested in varied colours, frame sizes etc.
  • When the item is out of stock - please allow up to 8 weeks.
  • For tight deadlines please email us prior for a more accurate timeframe at

* Please note this piece is no longer mounted on linen *