Rake Applique Velvet Lounge Cushion 55 x 55 cm

SKU: 2222RAO
*Please note - Orders for Rake Applique Velvet Lounge cushion in DESERT will not be dispatched until approx. mid to late April 2022 when we receive shipment. *

The Rake Appliqué Cushion is made from soft velvet applique outlined with stunning 3 colour embroidery. The Rake Appliqué cushion is made by hand giving it a very unique and luxurious look and feel, it is made from commercial-grade velvet that is very durable.

These square Lounge cushions are nice and big and will add extra comfort and texture to your couch or bed. We recommend using this style along with our Mink Velvet cushion for a lovely match.

All cushions come with a feather insert included in the price. The feather insert offers a comfortable feel and a cushion that sits plump and presentable.