Bandhini is a seed grown from a small pod & kept special by our close-knit ties since 1993. Our favourite things are what nature gives—from trees, cocoons & seeds.

Family is important to us. Bandhini was founded by the joining of 2 families from across the globe, the Schafflers and the Narains. Mithoo and Sweety and their sons Sharan and Karan continue to work together with Tai and the Bandhini Australia team—creating unique one of a kind designs inspires by culture and nature.


Meet our Bandhini Tribe

Tai Founder of Bandhini
Tai Schaffler

Founder of Bandhini & Product Designer

Tai is the founder of Bandhini and the creative mind behind all our crazy cushion ideas.

Andrew Bandhini Framer

Industrial Designer & Framer

Andrew is our talented industrial designer and framer making and displaying all of Tai's crazy ideas.

Sharm International Opterations

International Operations & Customer Service

Sharm looks after all our international clients and operations in the US. He also has his own successful business Aurelius Leather—selling beautiful handmade leather bags.

Renee Customer Serivce

Customer Service, Sales & Merchandising

Renee is here to help you with your orders and any questions you have about our products.

Chantelle Graphic Designer

Graphic & Digital Designer

Chantelle is here to help you visualise your dream space through our storyboard service and helps turn Tai’s crazy design ideas into reality.

Murran Digital Assistant

Digital & Social Media Assistant

Murran helps around the office and captures all the behind the scenes content for our socials.

Sue our Seamstress


Sue is one of our talented seamstresses helping whip up your outdoor and custom made orders.

Regina Seamstress


Regina is our other amazing seamstress helping create our new range of designs.

Branson Client Greeter

Client Greeter

Branson is our resident client greeter ready to welcome you during your visit

Kelkie Quality Control Officer

Quality Control Officer

Kelkie is in charge of overseeing the operations in our warehouse from the roller-door.

Pippa Seamstress Assistant

Seamstress Assistant

Pippa is never far from Sue, helping collect the threads in her fur. 


Meet the Bandhini Artisans

Banita Tassel Maker

Tassel Maker

Banita is our local tassel maker. All her designs are handmade using a range of unique materials such as ribbon, beads, stones, sticks and more.


Suzi Feather Juju Maker

Feather Juju Maker

Suzi is our local feather juju maker. Suzi creates the most beautiful jujus for our cushions using stones and seeds she collects from her garden.



Bandhini Artist

Jen is the beautiful artist behind our Bone Forest design. She now has a fantastic gallery in Mt Tambourine.