Bone Leaf Lounge Cushion 55 x 55cm

SKU: 2222BLB

Bone Leaf Lounge Cushion—this screen cushion evokes sea coral and the beautiful veins that it expands to. As delicate and as soft as a fan it is ideal in coastal rooms in navy but also glamorous and elegant in black and gold or white and gold in an elegant master bedroom or and lounge rooms. It comes white and gold, navy and gold and black and gold.

The traditional craft of many countries is screen printing. This 2-3 colour screen print is designed with 3 prints in the series and is part of the Bandhini Bone Screen series. The pattern is designed to sit on a sofa or bed with his friends.

Each Bandhini cushion comes with a feather insert (valued at $32 RRP) for a comfortable cushion, that sits beautifully. They are all French seamed and come with coconut buttons—with a spare in the seam.