Weave Cross Lounge Cushion 55 x 55 cm

SKU: 2222CWB

Cross Weave handloom cushion evokes a Country Lodge look this strong black and beige. These square Lounge cushions are nice and big and will add extra comfort to your couch or bed. We recommend using a Lounge cushion behind a matching Medium cushion of our coconut buttons or stick cushions. They also come in natural and white and Navy and white.  It works well along with the Diamond, Bamboo and Phulkari wovens.

This beautiful hand woven by loom brings texture to any room. warm, textural and lush it teams beautifully with leather and knits for a country estate feel.
The yarn is a combination with cotton, viscose (deprived from tree bark and cotton and is perfect in its imperfections.
The craftmanship of handloom is a signature to Bandhini and forms part of our Woven Handloom collection that we have done for 25 years.
It works just as well on a sofa as it does on a bed.

Each Bandhini cushion comes with a feather insert for a comfortable cushion that sits beautifully.