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New Textile Artwork

Unique designs by Bandhini made by hand by artisans in India, nothing is mass produced. Many of our textile artworks mirror cushion designs to create a cohesive interior experience.

Organically Spring-Fed Collection 2020/21

This Spring season we are doing things a bit differently- Click to view our new 'Spring-fed' Collection, and look out for new styles as they are organically spring-fed into this gorgeous, fresh & bright collection!

New Artwork by Zoe Bios

Beautiful and unique works from L.A. based artist, Zoe Bios. We distribute both Limited Edition and Ready Made artworks - all handmade from their Los Angeles design studio.

New Shop The Look Experience

We have simplified our Shop the Look experience! Build upon 4 broad style categories- Coastal, Urban, Country, and Global- then broken down further within each to help you find cushions and art to perfectly suit your unique style! Explore our personalised looks in a range of different colours.

New Product Badges

Store location

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