My full circle moment with wreaths

My full circle moment with wreaths
Have I always been environmentally conscious?

Yes, I possibly have. As a child I grew up in my grandmother's garden, she and I were inseparable. A true horticultural artist, nana could do anything creative she turned her hand to, from garden design to interiors and textiles. I have no doubt I’m here today because of her.

1966 - Nana and I in her extensive 2 acre garden, truly my happy place then and now my own in 2023.


Where did my career start?

I studied journalism and had an early career as a writer in San Diego, but my passion was always flowers, fabric, and interiors. When I returned from the US with a small baby I started to make wreaths. I was so inspired by the beautiful seasonal wreaths frequently adorning American front doors. Even now, if you watch the Netflix series 'Dream Home Makeover', or follow Studio McGee, Shea always puts a wreath on every client's door.

Young journalist head shot for my column - fashion and lifestyle section!

1993 - The birth of Bandhini. Of course with the old IBM on the pine kitchen table in my duplex...thought if I was lucky I might run it for a year or two.

1989 - Me and brand new baby Sharm, not even a month old at my brothers wedding.


My wreath-making journey

I first made them for myself, then for friends and neighbours. Everything I used was natural and organic, that's where I saw beauty. I hand-made my bases from straw, dried my own roses and foliage, and fossicked Hagley Park in Christchurch for seeds and pods. Then someone suggested I do a weekly market stall at Cathedral Square - which I threw myself into and promptly sold out the first weekend! I have to tell you, it was a wee earner and soon I was making them for my brother's newly opened “The Country Store” in Alexandra (near Queenstown), along with the classic terracotta pots with flower rose balls (gosh, remember those) - the country girls of Central Otago just loved those!


My full circle moment

Recently I had the joy of hosting a Christmas luncheon and wreath-making workshop for my lovely Interior Designer clients. Again I fossicked neighbour’s gardens for treasures - seeds, pods and foliage and we recycled all our Bandhini fabric offcuts for bows! What a fun day we had! You should have seen those designers go - marvellous creations and I thought if only Nana could have been here now, she would have loved the fruits of her tuition!

For more wreath making, watch my Christmas Wreath video



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