Tidy Tai - Home Tidy Tips

Tidy Tai - Home Tidy Tips
I’ve always been known as “Tidy Tai”. Chaos drives me insane. I actually tidy for a hobby! I think when you live better you do better. Everything should have a home and live there. When your environment is sorted and organised so is your head and consciousness and there’s a level of calm when you are not in a tail spin about finding lost things.
I have a weird fascination for those Hoarder Shows (true confession is that my partner is one of sorts - but that’s another story!) and how the hell they end up in that nightmare mess. Most of its total shite too! Did you know that that there are over 19 million Americans alone who are chronic hoarders?

People just go down that rabbit hole generally from mental health issues and then get overwhelmed. They hold onto to things that make them feel significant, there’s often a level of recycling to it but generally it’s an overwhelming poverty consciousness. Overall most of us collect way to much bloody stuff though - where will it end - landfill!
Just love the Netflix shows like The Home Edit and Maree Kondo - so good.
Even as a kid I would go over to friends homes and sort out their wardrobes. My grandmother would loan me out to her lovely friends to tidy there pantry’s and where I came from the preserves cupboard. Everyone bottled their own fruit and made there’re own jam - and there is nothing more satisfying than lining up peaches, plums, apricots and nectarines into a colour coded bliss.

Everything is a target though and I’m a bugger to lie in bed and go through the process in my head of how I could have done that draw, laundry, pantry or wardrobe better. That’s a weird admission- I wonder if anyone else has a messed up mind they unravel like that?

My top tips for Wardrobes 
1. Cull - be harsh! If you're not wearing it, not going to fit back into it - move it on to someone who can. Tatty or stained - rag bin.
2. Choose the same hanger - no nasty plastic or wire. You’re deserve better.
3. By style - Separate pants, skirts, tops, dresses and coats.
4. By colour - graduate the shade from dark to light. Did you know our minds select colour first.
5. By length - Hang from short too long.
6. Dedicated area for accessories - Scarves: either roll or fold - again in a colour rainbow. 
7. Trays & Boxes - use co ordinating trays or boxes for your accessories and shoes. If you haven’t a fancy way of shelving or the space consider large over sized boxes where you can group as slides, heels, flat ect into their own box. This is great for keeping dust and mould free.
My top tips for Pantries ( & Laundries)
1. Matching styles of container - bamboo, wood, jars baskets ect and make sure they match together in a colour and style way. There’s so many good versions of storage out there so there’s no excuse for ugly!
2. Group in the LIKE Categories - sauces, spices, cans, snacks, cereal- you get the idea. Figure out what you use the most and start with large objects to the back and small to the front. Label if you must - but a nice style of a sticker.
My top tips for Bathrooms 
1. Category grouping - nails, hair, face, body, makeup etc and containerise or shelve them. Please get rid of old expired stuff. Think about it, is that lipstick 💄 we have been ingesting for ten years really good for us - let’s be real - it all ends up in our stomachs. Or that eye pencil making my eyes water.
2. Store whatever you’re not using regularly out of sight - You can find fabulous containers now that have sections in them for draws. If you are building or renovating absolutely consider cavity storage cupboards. This space can be tall and long and perfect for the shape of bottles and pots that most lotions and potions come in. Integrated mirrors cleverly disguise them. Consider lovely baskets with lids too if you have under bench space. These can be great for electronic items like blow waver and hair tongs and look great too.
3. Trays for pretty & regular use items -  There is fabulous inexpensive trays everywhere you can use - rattan, stone, wood etc. I really wish companies would consider their style of packaging more - ugly labels don’t make great display- I have a girlfriend who takes all labels off just to reveal the simple container.

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