Tai's Halloumi, Orange and Basil Salad Recipe

Tai's Halloumi, Orange and Basil Salad Recipe
I’m a huge fan of warm salads and have them many times a week - be it with roast vegetables or protein. 
• Basil Leaves
• Whole Orange
• Halloumi (or tofu)
• A leaf base (Any lettuce or mixed leaves you like - I know iceberg is out of style but works perfectly in this too. Spinach leaves are also great)
• A selection of salad/veggies from your fridge. I am using mini cucumbers and beansprouts.
• Olive Oil
• Orange Juice
• Dijon Mustard
• Salt and Pepper
• Chopping board
• Hand held peeler
• Frying pan
• Jar with a lid
Slice the halloumi in inch thick slices and place in a non-stick pan until golden brown on each side. You can also use tofu if you like.
While your halloumi or tofu is cooking, use the peeler to create cucumber curls and slice your whole peeled orange in to circular slices 
Layer your golden halloumi slices on to your bed of leaves, followed by your cucumber and beansprouts, then slices of orange and whole basil leaves from your herb table.
Pop your olive oil, orange juice, dijon mustard and touch of pepper and salt  in to a jar and shake it up. You can then store the extra in the fridge. (I prefer fresh juices in dressings to vinegar - not a big fan!)

The most important step - enjoy! 

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