Bandhini Care

Bandhini Design House's how to look after your beautiful silk quilt.

It’s like a good silk shirt, that needs a soft touch but gives you many years of luxurious wear. They are 100% cotton wadded and cotton lining so they breathe.

1. Always use a top sheet and a cotton blanket under them for layering so it’s not in constant contact with you. You quilt can be rolled back in the hotter months.

2. Silk is better aired every week (it does wonders in a nice breeze) and dry cleaned a few times a year. Most dry cleaners charge $30-49.

3. To spot clean any spots - use a damp linen or cotton cloth with a not too hot steam iron- this way you apply steam to the spot. We use a little orange oil fabric cleaner here on the mark. Steam cleaning is great way of refreshing your entire quilt. Not too hot tho - it’s dupion silk!

4. If you have a darling pet who likes to sleep with you put their special blanket on top.

5. They can be washed, but sparingly  - but are way too big for domestic machines because of their lovely generous proportions. The dry cleaners need to be super gentle with the lovely silk fibres - and again steam ironed to get the fibres back to their shiny selves. because it is pure silk and not synthetic- there will be a small amount of fibre change and a little shrinkage after washing.

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