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Christmas Trading

Christmas Trading

OUR OFFICE WILL BE CLOSEDSATURDAY 23RD DECEMBER TO TUESDAY 2ND JANUARY Last orders will be shipped on Friday 22nd December. In the meantime you’re still able to shop online, orders placed during o...

blogIs less more?

Is less more?

I often ask my myself, how much do we actually need? Nothing endorses this more than when I go to a trade fair and see acres and acres of product. Undesirable stuff, stuff you’ve got no idea what ...

Behind the DoorBehind the Door - Sympatico Styling

Behind the Door - Sympatico Styling

Big influencers in the Property Styling revolution is mother and daughter duo Debra and Nicky. Here is behind the door at some of their beautifully curated homes. Enjoy!

blogGoing green, eating clean

Going green, eating clean

How I adapted to the plant-based diet and made my own rules.  5 min read Click to read.

blogMy full circle moment with wreaths

My full circle moment with wreaths

Where I started and how I've had my full circle moment making floral wreaths. 4 min read Click to read.

Tidy Tai - Home Tidy Tips

Tidy Tai - Home Tidy Tips

I’ve always been known as “Tidy Tai”. Chaos drives me insane! Click for some tidy tips!