About Us

At Bandhini it’s simple, we combine our love of textiles and design to create a collection of decorative cushions, coverlet quilts, hand spun throws, stockings and leather bags.
Our point of difference - nothing is mass produced. All our items are individual, organically and traditionally handmade. Our weavers keep the secret from one teacher to the next as they master techniques as old as their 100 year-old looms. The block prints and beading remains unchanged from ancient time but remastered with modern concepts.
Family is important to us - that’s why we at Bandhini love to connect families from all parts of the world. Our product is conceived in Australia, mastered and created by our talented artisans in India and then shared with the rest of the world.
We are a values-driven business and not only love what we do, but love to share it. 
- Tai Schaffler, Founder of Bandhini Australia