$1500 (install available for a further fee).

With a Design Consult we can help you with all your textile and art needs!Ā With our initial design consult you will have the opportunity to discuss your project with Tai and our Design Team. We will then develop for you an in-depth presentation with looks and ideas for your space.Ā 

Tai can also help with organising theĀ entireĀ project contentsĀ including furniture,Ā rugs, lamps,Ā finishes of hardware, paint colour, wallpaper and lightingĀ to go with your new Bandhini look.

What we need
  • Your overall design concept.
  • Colour & style preference; coastal, country, urban or global.
  • Budget.

What we do for you

  1. Storyboard all your designs & tailor designs to your project.
  2. Manufacture to your budget & deadlines.
  3. Oversee production at our own India-based unit.
What we do extra
  • Design over concept looks for projects.
  • Help select colours, concepts & other items to finish your project.
  • Tailor special items e.g. throws, upholstery, napkins etc.

      To enquire about a design consult pleaseĀ reach out to our designers Tai and BellaĀ at info@bandhinidesign.com.